EMEC Academy

As a drilling fluids service company, EMEC’s engineers are its most valuable asset.  EMEC takes this to heart by ensuring continuous development of the engineer’s technical and soft skills through a structured training and development program.  EMEC’s Academy training program is the most robust in the region which proved itself by positioning EMEC as the majority engineering services provider for ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia. This makes EMEC the breeding ground for drilling fluids engineering talent in the Middle East and North Africa.

Training center course offerings include basic and advanced drilling fluids, advanced completion fluids, advanced hydraulics, well control, solid control equipment and waste management.  Instructor-led training is managed by the most highly respected and experienced technical coaches the region has to offer.  Select technical training is also offered to our customers to help develop talents as part of raising the technical bar of the industry as a whole.

Additionally, EMEC is introducing its own web-based online training center dedicated to the development and continuous improvement of our engineering talents.  All our engineers to complete online courses as part of their proficiency management in service related topics such as soft skills, health, safety and the environment.

EMEC ensures the on-going development and progression of its people to meet the challenges ahead.