Support Services

We understand the importance of time management of drilling operations. EMEC has an extensive range of support services to ensure uninterrupted operations including spare parts, equipment, laboratories, logistics network, storage facilities and chemical stocks. Logistics support is enhanced by a network of warehouses and bulk storage facilities in strategic locations throughout the region to ensure prompt response to operational requirements.


With a fleet of trucks, we manage to ensure safe and efficient delivery of products and equipment to and from work sites. Operational and technical support is provided by highly trained office and field engineers supported by the latest simulation software packages.


We support projects from design phase to execution and completion phases.

Digital Solutions

To deliver superior quality and technical service to our customers, EMEC relies on its own in-house proprietary software packages to support its operations.  Developed as part of our research and development initiative, the software packages meet and exceed all the challenges faced by our customers.


Well Data Processor (WDP) – accurate on-site fluids daily reporting, end of well recaps, volumes and inventory management

Well Data Simulator (WDS) – hydraulics, surge & swab and hole cleaning under downhole conditions simulations

Bridging & Stress Caging Planning Tool – managing wellbore strengthening and stability


Our services would not be complete without the engineering.  Our technically experienced project engineers act as consultants to our customers to ensure best-fit solutions to their challenges.  With the support structure including our laboratories and digital solutions, we engineer and plan every aspect of the job thoroughly with our customers before execution.  Our competent field engineers deliver services safely, professionally and get the job done.


EMEC has laboratory facilities in every operational country with the regional laboratory facility located in Egypt.  All laboratories are equipped with the required apparatus to support daily operations and certify quality assurance of all delivered products according to industry standards.  The regional lab supports the region with its state-of-the-art equipment facilitating in-depth investigation and review of operational and quality concerns.  Dedicated testing is conducted under extreme conditions at temperatures up to 500°F and pressures up to 30,000 psi to simulate downhole conditions.


Additionally, the regional lab has partnerships with external specialized laboratories for deeper analysis to cover all requirements that may arise.


Our facilities are also ISO certified and comply with the industry’s stringent safety regulations.