When it comes to waste management, where stringent environmental regulations apply for the disposal of drilling waste, EMEC designs and delivers waste management solutions through 2 main segregated lines: solids waste and liquid waste. This segregation of waste allows easier handling, transportation and treatment, and reduces costs.

EMEC Waste Management division has a strong experience and portfolio of flexible and mobile waste management solutions achieving

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Less waste volumes transport, reducing transportation costs and associated environmental impact.
  • Reduced risk of spills and contamination during the drill cutting transport and disposal cycle
  • Disposal cost for treatment of discarded cuttings
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Drying system for drilled cuttings (Hi”G” Dryer system)

The Hi”G” Dryer system is a secondary drying system for all cuttings discarded from the solids control equipment, with the exception of centrifuges. Secondary drying can reduce the weight of liquid on cuttings from 30-40% to below 10%

The recovered liquid can then be pumped back in to the active system to be re-used again within the rig drilling fluid system.

The Hi”G” Dryer system minimizes:

  • The percentage of liquid on cutting.
  • Waste volume.
  • Disposal cost for treatment of discarded cuttings.
  • Mud surface losses and total mud cost.

Dry cuttings are compressed and collected in cutting boxes for transportation to the treatment area.


Liquid Waste

EMEC role comes prior to drilling operations start by connecting the mud system, mud pumps, rig area and generator areas.

All leakage from drilling system, tanks and mud pumps are collected to the main collection tank. The tank is equipped with agitators, which keeps the collected waste before pumping to tanker trucks for transportation to the treatment area.

EMEC provides waste management equipment including

  • High “G” Dryer 4 panel unit.
  • Screw conveyors
  • Waste storage tanks.
  • Cuttings boxes
  • Diaphragm pumps to move liquids