Our commitment

EMEC is committed to compliance with national and international relevant products requirements and providing customers with high quality services through employing well-qualified personnel and through implementing and continuing improvement of the qhse management system requirements.
Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, and is a key driver in the company’s business activities. Innovative technologies and operational expertise enable the company to maximize its performance, Quality level and minimize its environmental impact and successfully manage the inherent risks and challenges.

Conduct Management Review Meeting on a regular basis to review the ongoing suitability and effectiveness of company Management System, taking in consideration inputs of audit results, overall performance indicators, product conformity, Effectiveness of action taken to address risks and opportunities, improvement opportunities, Changes in external and internal issues and Customer feedback information.
Management is committed to provides evidence of the perfect commitment by leading the Company employees to the development and implementation of QHSE Management System and continually improving its effectiveness by communicating to the organization the importance of meeting Customer requirements as well as all applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements, and Promoting the use of the
process approach and risk-based thinking; also EMEC Top Management is committed to ensure the availability of the appropriate resources.
We will demonstrate our commitment by:
‐ Fulfilling Customers requirements and enhance Customer Satisfaction.
‐ Meeting customer, national and international Standards requirements.
‐ Complying with applicable Laws and Regulations.
‐ Ensuring QHSE is considered while designing, engineering, operating and deploying our services and products
‐ Continually improving the Quality and Customer Satisfaction levels.
‐ Setting measurable QHSE objectives as part of our business performance and monitoring them for continuous improvement
‐ Effectively communicating our QHSE policies, systems, programs and performance
‐ Maintaining an updated response plan to minimize the effect of any business disruption or crisis

‐ Protecting the environment through spill prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption and emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste
‐ Protecting the health, and safety of our people and contractors at all times