EMEC has facilities throughout North Africa and the Middle East.  Our facilities support our drilling, completion, solids control & waste management services and include chemical storage, equipment maintenance, bulk storage plants and liquid mud plants

Warehouse Facilities – Our main warehouse is located in Alexandria, Egypt.  Additional logistical support is provided through satellite warehouses at strategic supply locations throughout Egypt and the region.

Liquid Mud Plants – EMEC operates and owns mud plants throughout the region.  We manage projects from concept design to execution and through to operation.  Successfully commissioned some of the largest fully-serviced plants in the region exceeding 20,000 barrels storage capacity in a single plant.   Currently operating a total capacity surpassing 70,000 barrels around the region and expanding.

Bulk Storage Plants – Part of the liquid mud plants or separate standing plants, we provide bulk storage at our bases and customer rig-sites to fulfill all requirements.  We design, build and operate bulk plants supplying bulk silos, surge tanks, and all associated equipment.

All our plants are operated with competent personnel with safety and the environment at top priority.