Drilling Fluid Products

EMEC supplies all products required for formulating water-based and non-aqueous fluids to address the various well bore conditions encountered in drilling.  Our quality assurance procedures ensure all products meet industry-specific and EMEC specifications where applicable.  Our products range includes all materials required to drill from spud to completion and in between.

For more information concerning EMEC drilling fluids products;Product Data Sheet (PDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are available below while our competent technical personnel are also available to advise on your specific challenges.


EMEC’s range of viscosifying products are effective for solids suspension in all types of fluid system. Some are designed to be shear thinning (thixatropic), while others are acid-soluble so that they are suitable for use in reservoir sections.

Weighting Materials

EMEC’s range of weighting products for increasing fluid density includes barite and other higher density weighting materials (e.g. iron oxide). We also supply micronized barite when beneficial fluid properties are required for certain drilling situations, and finely-ground calcium carbonate for use in reservoir zones.

Filtration Control Additives

EMEC’s range of filtration control products are designed to provide fluid loss control by forming firm, thin filter cakes in all types of fluid system. This helps to reduce hydration and improve hole stability in water-sensitive formations.

Dispersants & Deflocculants

EMEC’s range of dispersants and deflocculants are designed to control rheological properties in all fluid systems if they are affected by a build-up of solids and/or high-temperature gelation.

Shale Stabilizers

EMEC’s range of shale stabilizers are designed to address wellbore problems associated with sloughing shales or shale hydration and dispersion. This is achieved through various mechanisms, some of which also provide wellbore strengthening to address potential problems before they occur.

Commercial Products

EMEC’s range of commercial products provide essential chemical properties that are combined with other product additives that provide physical properties when formulating relatively simple or highly sophisticated, inhibitive fluid systems for enhanced performance.

Lubricants and Surfactants

EMEC’s range of lubricants and surfactants are designed to reduce torque and drag, especially when drilling deviated or extended-reach wells. They are environmentally acceptable, are suitable for use in HPHT wells, and help to reduce bit balling and differential sticking. Inert spherical polymer beads are also available for improving lubricity and reducing casing wear.

Bactericides, Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

EMEC’s range of products are designed to control the various mechanisms responsible for corrosion by preventing bacterial growth, by scavenging dissolved oxygen and acidic formation gases, and by forming a protective film on exposed tubular surfaces.

Lost Circulation Materials

EMEC’s range of LCM products for plugging and sealing pores and fractures include an assortment of fibers, granules and flakes that are used as a bridging and plugging material for curing natural or induced losses in weak zones and fractured formations. More sophisticated solutions for dealing with severe lost circulation problems include cross-linking polymers, which set to form a solid but flexible structure in fractured formations.

Oil-Based Fluid Products

Our range of products enable us to formulate oil-based drilling fluid systems using a variety of low toxicity mineral oils, synthetic oils and esters. These fluids are designed for environmental acceptability by addressing pollution and toxicity concerns, and produce exceptional performance and wellbore stability when drilling water-sensitive formations.

Drill-In Fluid Products

Our range of drill-in fluid products are designed to optimize well productivity by minimizing formation damage. This is achieved by effective bridging of the pore throats with a non-damaging impermeable filter cake that lifts off easily when the well is flowed. This minimizes fluid and solids invasion into the reservoir formation, which reduces the risk of precipitation or emulsions with pore fluids, with less chance of hydrating or dislodging clays that may be lining the pores.

Environmentally Friendly Products

EMEC’s range of environmentally-friendly products are based on low-toxicity formulations that are biodegradable, in order to minimize environmental impact.

Formate Brines

EMEC’s range of formate brines provide densities up to 19.2 ppg (2.3 sg). The sodium, potassium and cesium formate brine range has provided superior well control and has minimized formation damage when used as a low-solids drill-in fluid, and has protected wellbore tubulars and down hole assemblies from corrosion when used as a completion and workover fluid.

Speciality Products

Our range of specialty products are designed to improve drilling performance with additives that improve fluid loss control, minimize bit balling, improve hole cleaning, prevent differential sticking, stabilize and strengthen the well bore, and reduce torque, drag and casing wear in deviated and extended reach wells.