Completion Fluids

Design and selection of the completion fluid is critical to accomplish clean production zone with minimum formation damage for higher production rates.  EMEC provides the full range of clear brines for completion and workover jobs including packer fluids, specialty additives, wellbore cleanouts, filtration and engineering services.  We understand the importance of a clean wellbore, hence, we design wellbore displacements from drilling fluids to completion fluids for minimum fluid interface and utmost care for the asset.

Our clear brine systems include:

  • Monovalent Brines
  • Divalent Brines
  • Heavy Brines
  • Formate Brines
Filtration Engineering Services

EMEC provides filtration services and equipment including cartridge filtration units and DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter presses. The twin-pod cartridge filtration units are effective for most brine filtration activities and are available with a wide selection of cartridges to meet brine clarity requirements.  EMEC DE filter presses are also readily available for brine filtration in more stringent requirements delivering brine to specification.

EMEC filtration units are equipped with all the consumables, auxiliary parts and run by competent engineers to ensure efficient operation and solids removal without compromising the success of the completion program.

Wellbore Cleanout & Packer Fluids

EMEC fluid services is not limited to drilling fluids.  We ensure the wellbore is delivered ready for production with our wellbore cleanout and packer fluid suites.


Wellbore Cleanout

EMEC’s range of solvents and surfactants are utilized to design fluid-to-fluid displacements and wellbore cleanouts to completion brines with the aid of our proprietary software. This ensures minimum interface volume and wellbore cleanliness with maximum efficiency.


Packer Fluids

EMEC’s range of biocides, corrosion and scale inhibitors are designed to minimize corrosion under hostile wellbore conditions including but not limited to oxygen and H2S scavengers.  Depending on the wellbore conditions, temperature, brine type, downhole tools, tubulars and elastomers, packer fluids are specifically designed to extend well life.

Clear Brine Fluids

EMEC’s range of clear brine fluids is available for use in completion and work over activities as well as drilling and drill-in fluids.  The range covers all reservoir conditions to ensure optimum productivity and operational efficiency.

Sodium Chloride brine – Can reach densities up to 10.0 ppg (1.20 sg)

Calcium Chloride brine – Can reach densities up to 11.8 ppg (1.42 sg)

Potassium Chloride – Can reach  densities up to 9.7 ppg (1.16 sg).

Calcium Bromide – can reach densities up to 14.2 ppg (1.70 sg).

Sodium Formate – Can reach densities up to 10.8 ppg (1.30 sg).

Potassium Formate – can reach densities up to 13.1 ppg (1.57 sg).

Cesium Formate – can reach densities up to 19.2 ppg (2.3 sg).