ISO is the internationally recognized standard for management Systems of businesses. It supports our continual improvement goals while providing a standard – through which we can contract outside agencies to audit our Management systems and which customers recognize.
EMEC QHSE Management System is complying with the requirements of international standards ISO as:
– Quality Management System of the ISO 9001: 2015,
– Environment Management System of ISO 14001: 2015, and
– Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018
Those International Standards serve to:
– Establish a vision for the employees.
– Build motivation within the Company.
– Set Standards Documents for the employees.
– Set goals and objectives for the Company and employees.
– Minimize the “Resistance to Change” within the Company.


Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO 9001

Many of our customers including multinationals and government bodies require a commitment to formal independently validated quality processes. ISO 9001 is company-wide and independently assessed. It ensures EMEC meets international standards in quality management.
ISO 9001 is one of the most widely recognized benchmarks of good management practice and has important commercial value. Even though all business units are involved in meeting the certification standard. # ISO

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – ISO 14001

Good Environmental Management saves money and improves efficiency, as well as making sure we do all we can to protect the planet. EMEC strives to reduce our impacts on the environment, our EMS is crucial in helping us manage this impact, such as reducing resources, emissions and waste from our facilities, cutting down on travel and reducing the lifecycle impact of our products.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) – ISO 45001 Effective management of Occupational Health and Safety is critical to all aspects of our operations. It underpins our commitment to improve customer satisfaction, reduce our costs and not least, it helps ensure our team is safe and well at work. Certification shows our business is committed to protecting employees, visitors and contractors from risk.